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What's the problem? Some statistics...

81,000: The number of computer viruses in existence today.**

2 Billion: The estimated number of spam email messages sent each day.*

500: The average number of new viruses discovered each month.**

$11 Billion: The 2002 to 2003 increase in the annual cost of spam to US corporations. In 2002, U.S. companies spent $8.9 Billion handling spam.  In 2003, they spent over $20 billion dealing with spam-related issues.***

$500: Cost for one spammer to send out 1 million spam email messages.  By comparison, sending 1 million letters via US Mail would cost at least $240,000.*

And of course, just have a look into your mailbox...

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* MailFrontier Research, ** McAfee, *** Ferris Research

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